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Moshe Mash, Ph.D. in AI

Founder and AI researcher @MashInnovateAI

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I own a company called MashInnovateAI, which specializes in AI research and development for technology companies seeking to implement or enhance AI solutions in their operations. MashInnovateAI delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions—from the initial proof of concept to the achievement of the final goal.



My expertise is centered on developing systems and automated cognitive agents designed to communicate and cooperate effectively with humans. These systems aim to positively influence human decisions, steering them towards optimal outcomes. To achieve this, I employ interdisciplinary research and integrate solutions from various domains.

I have extensive experience in developing AI solutions for both academic research-oriented companies and industry-leading firms, achieving significant success that has been sustained over the years.

I completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Reliable Autonomous Systems Lab at Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute. My advisors were Prof. Reid Simmons and Prof. Stephanie Rosenthal.

I possess a Ph.D. from the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University, which was supervised by Prof. Kobi Gal of the AI and Data Science Lab.

I also possess an M.Sc. from the Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University, which was supervised by Prof. David Sarne of the Intelligent Information Agents Group (IIA).

I would be delighted to assist you in employing AI solutions for your company.

Please feel free to send me an email so we can discuss how we can collaborate.

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